The Planter Gallery

The planters in this gallery are approximately 2 different sizes, 4" & 8" diameter. Since they are all made by hand, some variation in in height and width will occur. Should you need a more exact size, or a different size either larger or smaller, let us know and we can make whatever you need. We have made planters 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide!

The idea of a one piece planter (with an attached tray) was something we originated in 1970, and we have made thousands of them since! They are very popular, and have been widely imitated by many others. However, most copies of our design come up short, since they often do not have adequately sized drainage holes or a deep enough tray.

Click on an image to see a larger view and description of the piece.


link to 4 inch rutile planter page
Rutile Planter - 4"

9 inch brown black planter page
Temoku Planter - 9"

5 inch electric blue planter page
Electric Blue Planter - 5"

9 inch teal blue and white planter page
Teal/Blue/White Planter -9"

5 inch black with blue splash panter page
Black w/Blue splash Planter - 5"

7 inch orchid planter
Orchid Planter - 7"


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