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Electric Blue Planter

A bright "electric" blue colored glaze is on this piece, one of the smaller sized planters we make. An iron bearing and then a zirconium white glaze are then overlayed in a free splash design. Stoneware clay, fired in an mildly reducing atmosphere to 2425F (1310C).

These planters are perfectly designed to keep your plants happy. The smaller ones have two 5/8" drainage holes at the bottom that are level to the floor of the pot. This makes sure that the water won't collect in a pool at the bottom until it is high enough to drain out (we have seen others made that way!). Our planters are waterproof, and don't "sweat" like the red clay terra cotta pots you often find.

Though no two pieces will fire out exactly the same, this glaze is very similar from firing to firing. Orders taken if this one is sold. Contact us if you have any questions.

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P 092
6 1/4" x 4 5/8" (15.8 cm x 11.8 cm)

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