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Orchid Planter

This is the newest addition to our Planter Gallery. It was specially designed for an old friend and customer who has a passion for growing orchids. It has 6 tear drop cut-outs on the sides for air flow, and has very adequate drainage at the bottom. Stoneware clay, fired in a slightly reducing atmosphere to 2425F (1310C).

These planters are perfectly designed to keep your orchids happy. Our planters are waterproof, and don't "sweat" like the red clay terra cotta pots you often find. This means you need to water them much less often!

Contact us if you have any specific planter needs. We do other custom sized planters, just let us know your specific requirements.

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P 095
8 3/4" x 7 1/2" (22.2 cm x 19.1cm)

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