Quiche/Baking Dish Gallery

The pieces in this gallery represent one of the most popular and versatile gifts we make. The pieces can be used as a quiche pan or as a baking dish. Though they are all hand made on a wheel, they are all made to the same size. This is because they come with a recipe for a quiche that fills the piece just to the correct height. We also include a recipe for a no cholesterol tamale pie. If you come up with a recipe that fills the piece perfectly, and would like to share it, let us know. We will then add it to the other 2 we already include and give it whatever name you wish.  To see the recipes we have, click HERE.

We formulate and make our glazes which makes them unique to our work. Our glazes are food safe, and  Do Not  contain lead.

To be sure that the person you are giving the gift to is happy with it, we offer an exchange policy in case the color, size, etc. isn't just what they need.

Click on an image to see a larger view and description of the piece.


link to blue and black quiche-baking dish

New Blue & Black Quiche/Baking Dish

link to teal and cobalt blue pie dish

Pie Dish - Earth Tones

link to black with light blue design pie dish

Pie Dish - Black

link to blue quiche-baking dish

Bonnie's Blue Quiche/Baking Dish

link to brown-black temoku pie dish

Pie Dish - Temoku

link to creamy yellow-tan quiche-baking dish

Rutile Quiche/Baking Dish

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