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This gallery contains pottery glazed with various non-toxic (food safe) glazes which all contain cobalt oxide as the main (or only) mineral supplying color. Since we formulate and make our own glazes, we know exactly what is in them to assure you of their safety. Cobalt is the most powerful coloring mineral used in ceramic glazes. Less than 1% can give a very strong blue. It has been used as a coloring material in ceramics for about 2000 years. The Chinese "Blue and White" ware is a famous example of the use of cobalt as a decorating material as is the Dutch and English "Delft" pottery.

Click on an image to see a larger view and description of the piece.

square bowl
Square Bowl

color reversal vase
Reversal Vase

large blue and white bowl
New Blue & White Bowl

blue and white vase
New Blue & White Vase

large Bonnie's blue bowl
Bonnie's Blue Bowl

teal vase
Teal Vase

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