The Dripless Pitcher Gallery

This is a truly dripless pitcher. It is ideal for milk, soy sauce, oil & vinegar, etc. After pouring, the last drop is caught in the collar and runs back down to a hole in the base of the collar. All the pitchers in this Gallery are glazed with various non-toxic (food safe) glazes.  Since we formulate and make our own glazes, we know exactly what is in them to assure you of their safety *.  We are showing the 2 sizes of dripless pitchers we make below.  Both sizes are available in most of our glazes or glaze combinations.   To simplify this gallery, we will just be showing one different glaze on each type. Check the other galleries for other glazes and glaze combinations.  Sets of pitchers are also available, if you wanted a set for oil & vinegar for example.  When making a set, we take the extra time to measure each piece so they will match.
(* Our glazes Do Not   contain lead).

Click on an image to see a larger view and description of the piece.


link to creamy yellow tan dripless pitcher
Rutile Dripless

link to rust and black dripless pitcher
Rust & Black Dripless

link to semi-gloss white dripless pitcher
Semi-gloss White Dripless

link to tall black dripless pitcher
Tall Black Dripless

link to tall new blue dripless pitcher
Tall New Blue Dripless

link to tall bonnie's blue dripless pitcher
Tall Bonnie's Blue Dripless

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