The Desert Ware Gallery

The "Desert Ware Series" was inspired from our travels throughout the Southwestern United States. When the piece is being formed, the surface "cracking texture" is created by stretching the clay. This technique creates the illusion of the glaze on the inside coming through the wall of the pot. In reality, the glazes are poured into the inside and then brushed into the "cracks" until filled to the surface of the piece. The excess is then carefully sponged clean and the whole piece is sanded with sand paper to clean off any remaining staining before firing.

Click on an image to see a larger view and description of the piece.

blck desert bowl link

Black Desert Bowl

teal desert bowl link
Teal Desert Bowl

blue desert bowl link
Blue Desert Bowl

black desert vase link
Black Desert Vase

black desert bowl number 2 link

Black Desert Bowl #2

teal desert vase link
Teal Desert Vase

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